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Portrait on Digital

My photographic journey began several decades ago at Mayan sites in the Yucat√°n and documenting efforts to recover a sunken Russian submarine from the North Pacific Ocean by the Hugh’s Glomar Explorer. As time went on, still shooting on film, I gravitated towards people and gymnastics. Eventually, to photograph the types of actions and expressions I wanted, I reluctantly moved from film to digital and am loving it.

Ideas on the Edge.Today, my photography is still about people. It’s about faces, expressions, actions, moods, and emotions. It could be candid situations, a party, sporting events, theatre performances, portraits — whatever, and whenever I can capture impressions of people at the moment. I photograph local and national level gymnastics, theatre shows with Production Ottawa and Valley Wind Productions, entrepreneurial efforts, and a host of charities and community events that you can follow on my Facebook Photography page.

Background photo from A Midsummer Night's Dream at the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival in 2012.

Prices for my commercial photography are very reasonable at $150-$250 for a photoshoot and full set of digital images. For charitable events and worthy causes on a shoestring budget, I photograph for free. Please feel free to contact me for a quote or more information.