Photography :: On The Edge

Riis 2 PhotoMy longer term photographic objective — “the edge” — involves using my photography to change attitudes and behaviours about people. I am inspired by the early example of change that resulted from Jacob Riis’ photographs documenting New York’s poor and homeless at the turn of the century. More recently, I look to examples such as the impacts on people’s attitudes and behaviours of photographs from the Vietnam War, the Newfoundland seal hunt, or Robert Stanfield’s fumbled football catch.


Stanfield Photo

The Robert Stanfield Photograph

During the 1974 Canadian election campaign, a photo by photojournalist Doug Ball showing Stanfield fumbling a football became one of the defining images of Robert Stanfield’s career. To this day, Canadian political commentators still point to this incident as one of Canada’s foremost exampls of “image politics” because the photo was chosen for the front pages of newspapers across Canada … even though other photos of Stanfield catching the same football were also available.