Welcome to Ideas on the Edge

242963744_dsc_0071_fws e-ThIdeas on the Edge are the best ideas. David Pasho (that’s me on the left) is an Ottawa-based photographer and doer of other things that interest him. I do both studio and on location photography, and have had photographs published in both the Ottawa Citizen and the Sun through my frequent work with Production Ottawa and Valley Wind Productions. I also regularly photograph local and national level gymnastics. You can find samples of my work and my rates on the photography pages.

I started Ideas on the Edge in 2005. Rather than define it as a business with specific financial goals, I chose to use it as a means to pursue a vision that would inspire me, be more important than me, and one to which I could eagerly dedicate my time. That vision is to help organizations, visible minorities, scientists, and young people realize their aspirations and their potential contributions to society.

fringe2012-1To be sure, my vision for Ideas on the Edge is an altruistic and eclectic bend of very ambitious and challenging objectives. To achieve these objectives I drew heavily on my interest and experience in photography, science, public policy, career counseling, and the curiosity and respect that I have for people of all ages, beliefs, and cultures.

Photography is proving to be one of the two primary vehicles that I have chosen to achieve my vision. The other is to apply marketing concepts to help improve our understanding of the relationship between science and public policy.

Different? I think so. Fun? Yes. Rewarding? Absolutely.

Why Ideas on the Edge?

The edge gives us special attitude. The edge is exciting, risky, and extreme. Great ideas can come from anywhere, but most of them turn up on the edge. The places that are restless and resourceful. The places that don’t understand “it can’t be done”.

Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide, Saatchi * Saatchi
from “Love Marks – The Future Beyond Brands”